Domain Services

The solution to all your domain needs. 

  • Choose from a range of domain-related offerings.
  • Get local and international domain support.
  • Starting at R100 per annum for

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What is Domain Service?

  • Vodacom Domain Services is a comprehensive service that meets all your domain-related requirements.

  • Get a wide range of domain-related offerings such as domain registration, domain parking, domain search, domain renewal, domain transfer, domain reservation, domain lookup and domain forwarding.

Get your own exclusive domain 

Secure a unique website domain such as

Say more about your business

Take your pick from local and international domains supported and use your domain name to say more about your business. These include:, .com, .org, .biz, .info and .net

Stay connected with your group via email

Use mail relay to stay in touch with a particular group of people such as co-workers, clients or vendors over a local network. You can also send out company-wide communication such as newsletters.

Domain Services offered: 
Domain registration Domain transfers
Domain searchDomain reservations 
Domain renewal Domain lookups 
Domain management Domain forwarding 

How much do Domain Services cost?

 DomainsRegister Transfer Renew 

Local R100.00R100.00 R100.00 R200.00 R160.00 R200.00 R100.00 R100.00 R100.00 R100.00 R100.00 R100.00 


.cc R500.00 R500.00  R500.00
.bz R500.00 R500.00R500.00 
.nuR500.00 R500.00 R500.00 
.ws R500.00R500.00 R500.00 
.tv R587.72R587.72 R587.72 
.biz R200.00R200.00 R200.00 
.info R200.00R200.00 R200.00 
.us R200.00 R200.00 R200.00 
.org R200.00R200.00 R200.00 
.net R200.00R200.00 R200.00 
.com R200.00R80.00 R200.00 
.name R350.00R350.00 R350.00** R350.00 R350.00 R350.00** R350.00R350.00 R350.00 
.mobi R400.00R200.00 R400.00 

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