Be a Ready Business

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is predicting what the world will look like tomorrow.  A Ready Business has the right business tools to be agile and ready for the future, whatever it may bring. It’s scalable, responsive, efficient, and connected - ready to make the most of any opportunity. Are you ready to be confidently connected?

We can offer you the connectivity and tools to be ready for anything:

Be a Ready Business

As your total communications partner, we can give you the power to succeed today while being ready for tomorrow.

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Case studies           

Our integrated fixed and mobile networks, combined with our cloud-based platforms, machine-to-machine services and professional expertise, allows us to uniquely offer a complete range of communications services through a single, accountable relationship.

We’ve partnered with several companies enabling each of them to become a Ready Business. Read the case studies to find out more about their successes.

  Wildlife ACT 

By partnering with us, Wildlife ACT harnesses the power of technology to help protect vulnerable species. This partnership enables Wildlife ACT to be ready for tackling conservation challenges.

Vodacom Machine-to-Machine technology tracks wildlife so that people can help protect them. The services were configured in just 30 minutes and the entire implementation was done in just two weeks with zero server downtime.

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      SMS for Life 

    Healthcare providers partner with us to deliver medicine swiftly. Having the right medication on-hand can mean the difference between life and death in the fight against deadly diseases such as malaria. 

    By partnering with Vodacom, SMS for Life is able to prevent being out-of-stock of crucial medication.

        SA Ministry of Health and local NGOs 

      In a country as vast and diverse as South Africa, community health workers play a crucial role in providing healthcare in rural communities.

      We created the Nompilo application which uses the power of mobile technology to access patient records on the move. This partnership enables community caregivers to be ready to heal, no matter where their patients are.

          Woolworths Financial Services 

        Woolworths Financial Services partnered with us to improve their customer service. Our Vodacom Hosted Call Centre solution was chosen for its inherent capabilities and its ability to meet the needs of the organisation seamlessly, rapidly and cost-effectively.

        By partnering with us, they’re able to provide the exceptional customer service their customers expect, while capping costs. This partnership allows Woolworths Financial Services to be ready to deliver superior customer service without exorbitant OPEX costs.

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          DHL and Vodafone deliver a single WAN for Africa.

          Working in partnership, Vodafone and DHL have now built a single Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network that enables DHL to connect to any of its data centres in Prague, Johannesburg and Singapore, and helps to deliver a simplified service to its customers across Africa.

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            Amazon wanted to revolutionise the eReader market, tapping into the potential for book lovers to buy, download and read digitised content from a device even when they were on the go.  Amazon wanted to drive innovation in this segment. In doing so, the plan would be to allow users ease-of-access to their content - anytime, anywhere. For this to work, the device would need connectivity. Book lovers should be able to buy and download books on the go, in a smooth and elegant manner - with no contracts and no extra payments. 

            The Vodafone solution is based on its Simple Out-of-Box Experience SIM. A 4G-enabled SIM is installed on all Kindle Fire HDX tablets in the UK and Germany. Once activated, the Vodafone SIM becomes ‘local’. Picking up the local network means users can quickly sign up to local data packages with access to top up services and support.

                loveLife groundBREAKERS  

              loveLife is South Africa’s largest national HIV prevention initiative for young people. When it comes to preventing new HIV infections, capturing data in real time and reporting back on the work done is vital to the overall success of the programme. 

              In order to accurately evaluate and monitor the success of its programmes, loveLife needed to significantly reduce the amount of time it took to receive reports from their field workers and assess the accuracy of the data. 

              The solution was to provide their field workers with web-enabled smartphones and laptops, and develop a mobile data capturing system to eliminate manual data capturing.