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The Vodacom Business Experience Center offers visitors an exclusive, tailor-made experience showcasing the latest enterprise mobility products and solutions. Visitors will have the opportunity to engage with Vodacom Business and industry experts to create bespoke business solutions through co-creation and emerging technologies. With access to VR centers, virtual assistants and VC capable boardrooms, plus the opportunity of attending exclusive BEC events, the Vodacom Business Experience Center invites you to reimagine the way you do business.

Re-imagine the way you do business

  • World-class technology-driven solutions designed to propel your business and customers into a digital future.

  • Bespoke solutions co-created with you and our partners to address your current and future business challenges.

  • Access to invitation-only events featuring innovation thought-leaders and powered by Vodacom Business.

  • Leading strategic advice to help your business remain competitive in the digital age.

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Here’s what the Business Experience Center gives you…

  • The latest enterprise technologies

    A guided tour that includes a showcase of the latest solutions available in your industry.

  • Partnered problem-solving

    A full day in our innovation lab engaging with industry experts to co-create bespoke solutions that meet your unique business challenges.

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The Vodacom Business difference
  • Not only do we have the best mobile network, we also have a wide range of ultra-fast broadband products.

  • We have a range of business solutions to suit a range of business challenges and sizes.

  • Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 most progressive and influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.


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