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Why choose Vodacom Business Internet?

We can provide your business with voice and data connectivity to suit your business needs. If you are a small business that just needs email, voice and productivity software or a large enterprise requiring multiple site access and 24/7 support with dedicated secure managed services. Our business connectivity infrastructure provides a resilient platform for your critical business applications, which will help your business perform at it’s best.

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Know our Business Internet Solutions

Product Business Internet LTE Business Internet Fibre Business Internet Wireless Business Internet Satellite Business Connect
Business Size Micro - Medium Small - Large Small - Large Small - Large
(Rural/ Limited LTE/ Microwave coverage)
Medium - Large
Upload / Download Varies Same Varies Varies Varies
Speed 25Mbps AVG 100Mbps 80Mbps 8Mbps 100Mbps
Data Capped Uncapped Capped / Uncapped Capped Unlimited
IP Addressing Static Static Static Static Static
Router Included & Plug & Play Included & Fully installed Included & Fully installed Included & Fully installed Included & Fully installed
Free Services Free Activation

Anytime Data
LTE while you Wait/






The Vodacom difference

  • Not only do we have the leading network, we also have a wide range of ultra-fast business product.

  • We have a range of business solutions to suit a range of business challenges and sizes.

  • Vodacom Internet of Things is rated #1 most progressive and influencial in South Africa by IoT analysts.


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