GDSP (Global Data Service Platform) 

Simplify your business processes with multiple SIMs which can be easily integrated with your applications.

  • Manage your connected M2M (Machine-to-Machine) deployments
  • Get fast, easy, and flexible provisioning of SIMs
  • Effectively control costs
  • Maintain full control over SIM-deployments
  • Integrate GDSP in your system using APIs

To get GDSP

  Request call back 


Call 082 1960 to speak to a sales consultant, FREE from a Vodacom cellphone 

What is GDSP?

  • The GDSP service lets you manage your connected M2M deployments through our centrally hosted, secure self-service platform
  • Get authentication, access control, and near real-time usage and management of your deployed SIMs, on any Vodacom, Vodafone or partner mobile network anywhere in the world
  • Allow your authorised users to log in and access vital management information through an easy-to-use web interface 
  • Get pre-provisioned and ready-to-use SIMs and solderable M2M SIM chips that can be fully integrated into manufacturing and distribution processes with a single ‘bill of material’
  • Order SIMs provisioned in an ‘inactive’ or ‘active’ state; and configure them, set up near real-time alerts and implement intelligent device communication management, such as device ‘wake up’ and ‘shut down’

Why should I get GDSP?

Reduce costs and simplify logistics 

Use the platform to decide the operating destination of the SIM, rather than having to worry about it during the manufacturing cycle. 

Get around-the-clock support 

Get support from our dedicated team of M2M sales, solution architects and product experts in all phases of the M2M solution lifecycle.

Automate business processes 

Integrate GDSP features with your enterprise applications and streamline your business processes. 

  • The cost of this service depends on your business requirements 
  • To know how much this service will cost you, request a call back    

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