Introduction to Enterprise Mobility

How does Enterprise Mobility work?

Mobility strategy is not just a process, it's a journey.

We aim to help your business be truly mobile with 6 steps:

1. Business consulting

2. Device choice
3. Seamless connectivity
4. Complete security
5. Product suite
6. Bespoke applications

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The key benefits to implementing Enterprise Mobility into your strategy

The Vodacom Enterprise Mobility framework

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m-Health case study  |  Project Nompilo

The Department of Health found it difficult to deliver consistent healthcare and training in rural areas. They found monitoring over 100 000 health care workers and gathering reports time consuming and complicated. 

The Vodacom solution resulted in an application that allowed caregivers to upload patient information directly via their smartphones. It allowed for expediting of reports, a substantial reduction in paperwork and written reports by caregivers and an updated database of HIV patients and their care requirements. Health care workers now have more time to care for patients because they are equipped with the information they need.


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