Get paid however
you do business

Seamless payment services
for businesses of all sizes.

Make it easier for
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Whether you’re selling your products online, on social media, in-store or out of the boot of your car, we can help you accept payments safely and seamlessly - anywhere in the world.


Point-of-sale, eCommerce gateway, QR code

Online portal available for self-service

VodaPay Max

One device, multiple functions, seamless payments.
Free insurance included in rental. No setup fees. No minimum service fees. No hidden costs.

Accept payments online.
Get paid faster.

The E-Commerce switch enables virtual businesses to offer easy and secure payments to their customers. You can now link your website/mobi-site or app to a secure Pay Button which enables you to accept authenticated card transactions.

  • Percentage fee per transaction
  • IT integration setup costs (once-off)

Accept all mobile app payments

The VodaPay Chop-Chop QR code enables you to accept all South African Mobile Payment wallets (VodaPay, MasterPass, Ukeshe, SnapScan and Zapper) in your store, at your market stall, on your bills or to assist with your donation run. Simply get your customers to scan your QR code with their mobile app and receive secure payments quickly and conveniently.

  • Percentage fee per transaction
  • No rental fees
  • No setup costs for standalone codes

What makes us different

Highly competitive rates

We offer highly competitive rates and low rental fees. No minimum service fees.

Easy application process

An easy and simple application process, gets you on-boarded quickly.

Safe and secure transactions

Safe and secure transactions using the best industry standards. PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).

Customised offerings

You can access solutions tailored for your business from Vodacom Telco, VodaSure and Payment Services.

Your robust business insights

Have a 360 degree view of your business’ performance by viewing and managing transactions on the business portal.

Be empowered with realtime reports of what’s selling.

Get the right insights about your customers and business.


Put your business first






Switch to Vodacom Payment Services and

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Everything you need to know…

Why choose Vodacom Payment Services?
  • Highly competitive rates and low rental fees.
  • No minimum service fees.
  • We offer the widest range of Payment Solutions in the Industry.
  • Safe and Secure Transactions using the best industry standards.
  • PCI DSS Compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards).
  • Customized offerings combining Vodacom Telco & Insurance Products with Payment Services.
What are the charges?
  • A percentage fee per transaction
  • IT Integration setup costs (once-off)
What are the benefits for QR Code payments?
  • No Rental Fees
  • Payment possible during Power Cuts
  • Queue Busting
  • No Setup Costs for Standalone/Static Codes
How can I check my transactions?

The fastest and most efficient way to keep track of your business’s performance with real time data.

Our Portal puts you in-control of your business by providing the full view of transactions. Provides the ability to process refunds and the functionality to add or remove users who access your Portal.

In order to manage your business effectively, you have access to reports in real time to assist you with reconciliation and close of day processes.

How long will it take for me to get activated?

Up to 7 working days, depending on location in South Africa.

How does the QR code work?

1. Customer opens the VodaPay QR in mobile banking app (or any QR code reader for payment)

2. Customer selects QR paymenr; Opens QR scanner and scans

3. Customer enters the transaction amount and clicks pay

4. Customer enters their card PIN

5. Transaction complete; the customer and merchant will get a notification of the payment


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