Business Internet Fibre 

Our reliable, fast Business Fibre Solution

  • Enjoy speeds of up to 100Mbps  

  • Installation and router included 

  • Dynamic or Static IP addresses 

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Business Internet Fibre Uncapped (lite) plans on Vodacom Network

FREE installation and REDUCED pricing on all service plans.

Lite plans (uncapped) 

Maximum Download

Maximum Upload Speeds
24-Month contract
(Incl. VAT) 
200GB uncapped10Mbps10Mbps
500GB uncapped
20Mbps20Mbps  R899.00
1000GB uncapped
50Mbps 50MbpsR1 199.00
 2000GB uncapped100Mbps 100MbpsR1 599.00 

Business Internet FibreTerms and Conditions

•  Bandwidth is available as symmetrical (upload = half of the download) 

•  Speeds reflected refer to the speed across the Vodacom Network 

•  Should you deplete your monthly Data, you will be able to purchase Top Up bundles on Capped service plans through the user-friendly online

   customer portal

•  Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applied. More information on our AUP is available in the FAQ section and is also included in the Service schedules.

•  Uncapped business Internet offerings are subject to throttling when AUP indicators are breached

•  Available on a 24-month Contract term only for Vodacom Network

•  For the latest price list, including Top Up Contracts, please refer to

What is Business Internet Fibre?

Our Business Internet Fibre provides high-speed Internet access through scalable fibre connectivity to businesses, whether you are a small start-up or a larger SMME with higher bandwidth requirements.

Now also available in Malls and business precincts.

Selecting your fibre service:

• Choose from a range of uncapped premium offerings from 5mbps to 100mbps

• Dynamic or Static IP addresses available

• Symmetrical Bandwidths (upload and download speeds are the same)

• Standard offering includes Huawei HG659, with optional Huawei AR129 and AR169 routers available depending on your business needs

• Free Installations on 24 and 36 month contract terms

• Free 3 month interim and backup services now available for a limited time only.

• Optional fixed X2 voice offering on IP Talk, with 087 numbers. A once-off activation fee of R8.20 (excl vat) per IP-Talk is payable.


Enjoy speeds up to 100Mbps.


We offer a choice of multiple service plans.


Our Business Internet Fibre optic network is secure and always available. 

Quick deployment

Once the office park is connected, connecting new tenants and upgrading existing tenants is fast compared to copper-based broadband access services.


    We offer a true one-stop shop from provisioning of the fibre infrastructure in office parks, precincts and malls to installing the broadband router.

      Business Internet Fibre Premium price plans on Vodacom Network

      FREE installation and REDUCED pricing on all service plans. 

      Uncapped plans 

      Maximum Download 

      Maximum Upload Speeds
      12-Month contract
      (Incl. VAT) 
      24-Month contract
      (Incl. VAT)
      36-Month contract
      (Incl. VAT) 
       5Mbps uncapped 5Mbps 5Mbps R999.00R799.00 R699.00 
       10Mbps uncapped 10Mbps  10Mbps R1 199.00R999.00R899.00  
       20Mbps uncapped 20Mbps20Mbps R1 399.00 R1 199.00 R1 099.00  
       50Mbps uncapped 50Mbps  50Mbps R1 799.00  R1 599.00R1 499.00
       100Mbps uncapped 100Mbps100Mbps R2 099.00  R1 899.00 R1 799.00

      We offer VPN services on multiple Internet access mediums including Leased Line, Fibre, Microwave, Satellite, ADSL and mobile.

      National VPN

      • Provides seamless network connections between customer sites.
      • Enables applications to be differentiated so that they don’t impact each other negatively, maintaining service quality from start to finish.

      International VPN

      • Extends our VPN solutions beyond the South African border.
      • Leverages agreements with primary international carriers in locations where we don’t have our own points of presence.

      VPN iXchange

      • Uses the Vodacom MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) IP network to provide secure access to third-party services and applications.
      • Offers secure access to services and applications including corporate banking services, trading feeds, credit bureau service and application support services.

      Please note:

      • The cost of the service depends on your business requirements.
      • To find out how much this service will cost, request a call back

      Business Internet Fibre on 3rd Party Networks:

      FREE installation available on selected service plans.

      Business Internet Fibre is coverage dependent. Check the coverage map and select the 3rd party provider that fibres your business area.

      How do I get Business Internet Fibre?

      Contact your nearest Account manager for assistance.

      To see if your mall has Vodacom Fibre coverage, click here.

      Read the Business Internet Fibre FAQs

      Email us

                Check your coverage

      Business Internet Fibre terms and conditions

      • Bandwidth is symmetrical, meaning the upload and download speeds are equal.
      • Deployment of the infrastructure may take a few months during which time you may wish to opt for one of our other Business Internet services such as Business Internet Lite, Wireless, Satellite and DSL as an interim measure.

      • Your details will be kept on record and processed as soon as the fibre infrastructure becomes available.

      • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applied. More information on our AUP is available in the FAQ section and is also included in the Service schedules.

      • Uncapped Business Internet offerings are subject to throttling when AUP indicators are breached

      FREE once-off installation available on selected service plans.

      Top Up plans (Incl.VAT) 

      Business Internet Fibre Top Up Bundles

      Price Incl VAT

      1GB Top Up


      3GB Top Up


      5GB Top Up


      10GB Top Up


      20GB Top Up


      50GB Top Up


      100GB Top Up


      Why choose Vodacom?

      • A choice of high-speed uncapped Internet access from 4Mbps – 100Mbps or capped Business Internet data bundles of 25GB - 2000GB over a future-proof Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) infrastructure.

      • Each service plan consists of a Business Internet router, Business Internet fibre access.

      • Optional fixed-line IP Talk voice offering that provides 2 x IP Talk accounts with 087 numbers. An activation fee of R8.20 excl VAT per IP-Talk account is payable. The voice service does not eat into your data usage. Call usage is paid in arrears based on the VoIP rate card.


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