What is Vodacom Device Insurance?

A Ready Business always stays connected with Device Insurance. Our easy, straightforward cover is designed to help you stay connected when life throws its curveballs at you. There are different types of cover to choose from, depending on your unique needs. We offer Comprehensive Cellphone Insurance, Comprehensive Laptop and Tablet Insurance and Accidental Damage.

Why choose Vodacom Device Insurance

Comprehensive device coverage

Peace of mind if your cellphone, laptop or tablet is lost of stolen.

Flexible coverage options

Choose the coverage option that is right for your insurance needs.

Value for money coverage

Value-for-money coverage against all damage, including liquid damage.

Device replacement

Your device will be replaced within 24 hours after successfully submitting your claim.

Affordable premiums

Protect your cellphone, laptop or tablet with affordable monthly premiums.

Pre-selected band for your device

A pre-selected band, according to the value of your device, up to R30 000.

Our Device Insurance offerings:

What you need to know:

How do I get Vodacom
Device Insurance
How do I claim for a lost,
stolen or damaged device?
How do I cancel or change
my insurance policy?
To apply for our products, email:

1. Report the incident to Customer Care. Simply dial 082 1940, FREE
from your Vodacom cellphone.
To cancel or make changes to your policy, call Finrite on 082 1952 or email: corporates.deviceinsurance@vodacom.co.za
Please note:
You must have bought your device directly from us or from an approved-Vodacom dealer.
2. Call 082 1940 to have your SIM card locked and your device blacklisted. Make sure you get an ITC reference number from the agent         

3. Report the theft/loss to the South African Police Services and obtain a case number.  

4. Download and complete an Insurance Claim form and email it to corporates.deviceinsurance@vodacom.co.za


Terms and Conditions apply

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